Is it possible to be friend with the person you have fallen for?


Boy: I really love you

Girl:  I can understand but please don’t spoil what we have

Boy:  At least give us a shot

Girl: I can’t

Boy: I want you…

Girl never understood boy’s feelings only the boy stopped expressing them.

Just to be near her the boy signed the pact of being just a ‘Mere friend’ of the girl.

Hello fellas…Today’s topic consists of one of the deadly combos. Having friends in your life is indeed a blessing. You have them by your side in your tough times, you can share anything with them and the best part is you can be totally yourself in front of them. Even though friendship has so many pro’s it feels like a curse when you have to be JUST friend with the person you have fallen for. Well we know our heart never takes our consent before falling for someone and that’s the worst thing about it as most of the times you end up loving the person who don’t have any intentions to love you back. So is it possible to see that person only as your friend and not as someone you love?. In my opinion it’s a big NO. You are just compromising to stay near that person as what you’ll have cannot be certainly called as a friendship. Having no other solution in sight and also not wanting to completely distance themselves from the person they love, one agrees to stay friends. Unrequited love always inflict pain but sustaining these kind of pains is a small thing for someone whose love is unconditional. Even after moving on in their life they silently care about the person they love. Also they prepare themselves to not to feel bad when come to know that their love has found someone special in their life. However no matter what doing, one thing always teases them is that they never thought life would trick them this way.


Is Love An illusion?

Hey fellow bloggers…As you read the title today’s blog post will question the existence of love. I know we all have different opinions on this topic so I’ll tell you mine in this post, You guys please tell me your point of view in comments. Many people I have seen labeling love as an illusion but are they true?. Well in my accordance most of them even though after searching for long haven’t found anyone whose only one glance can literally put them in trance. There are also ones who have experienced the feeling of love but the only thing yielded out of it for them was grief. They have their reason to call love a phantasm as it helps them to suppress their sadness. A quote most of you might have heard that if a lie told often enough becomes the truth, It somewhere applies in this matter as nowadays I am observing the number of people who think love is nothing else but an illusion is increasing at a splendid pace where as the people who believe in it have become a minority. I agree love can be cruel sometimes but denying its existence is somewhat I think won’t help. If lucky enough to savor it, You’ll know that the feeling of love is the best thing you have ever experienced. There is no need to be dejected if the person you love doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, you can’t force someone to love you back and if what you feel is true learn to respect their decision. As long as searching your soul mate is concerned remember wise people say best things come when you are not looking for them.

Why our crushes hold a prominence in our heart?

Hey folks…Today’s topic is something you can put in the category of most common if talk about infatuation or obsession. There would a rare on this planet who never had a crush. Majority have experienced the feeling of being someone’s secret admirer. A burning desire to be with that person courses through your body and engulfs you in ecstasy. A nanosecond eye-contact with your crush gives you goosebumps. No matter you are a confident person or not you had surely stuttered in front of your crush at least once. You stole glances at them thinking how can someone be so infallible. Despite having a crush is a wonderful feeling the sad part is that in most cases you never attain your crush. The reason could be anything from being not able to muster up the courage to confess your feelings to getting rejected by your crush. In spite of the above mentioned reasons for not getting your crush the most painful one is when they reject you saying that they are not ready for these kind of things and few days later you get to know that they have got committed to someone else. I know I’ll sound a little blunt here but it’s a truth. Even though the person you are infatuated towards is not yours the feeling of jealousy automatically crept’s up when you see them with someone else. I don’t believe when someone says that a crush lasts only for six-seven months if it lasts more than that it means you are in love, In my accordance having a crush is not a chemistry experiment that there will be a specific quantity or in this case specific tenure for it. It varies from person to person. Irrespective of getting over your crush or not they will still hold a prominent place in your life. It is a human myth if you don’t get something or someone the value of it skyrocket’s  in your life. Don’t get me wrong, If you deliberately walks out of someone’s life just to increase your value, there is no surety that it will happen, It depends upon how much that person is obsessed with you. There is always a ray of hope in your heart that one day you will get your crush and because of that hope only you try to convince them but only later you realize that you were fighting a loosing battle. As i conclude this post one thing I’ll suggest you is that don’t regret having a crush if it hurts you, Remember it transformed you emotionally in a positive way and had made you wiser.

Over-thinking: The root of many disasters…

Hey readers…In my third blog post I would like to talk about something that nearly destroyed my life. Yes as you read the title I am talking about over-thinking. The disease of over-thinking caught me few years back. I was a jolly guy who would always keep smiling. I used to find utter solace in making others happy by joking all the time. Time changed. We all know our life have this knack of turning things upside down that too in a blink. I started to over-think about every element of my life. Everything seemed to go downhill. I was turned into a certified pessimist with not even a drop of optimism was left in me. I was always expecting the worst. The thing still disturbs me is that there was no such specific incident which could be labelled as a reason for the change in my mindset. I was always used to thought that I was fit enough but this over-thinking sickness roped that in too. Worst days were when a minor issue in my body would look like symptoms of a lethal disease to me, though my medical reports were showing I was okay. I would go days just lying down in my bed cursing my destiny. My parents after recognizing such a drastic change in my behavior took me to a counselor. They were probably thinking I had gone mad. The counselor tried to make me understand that whatever I was feeling was just an illusion. I was unaffected by his words. Hence he prescribed me some antidepressants. Like the counselling session the medicine also turn out to be useless. During that period whenever I would write something it would be so awful that even I hated to read that. When nothing for good happened I felt scared that I have to spend the whole life with a damn pessimistic mindset. It was my time to make a choice. Either I could give a shot to bring back the joy in my life or I could just stay rotten like this. Needless to say I badly wanted the former one so I started with something that earlier used to give me contentment. I begin to make other people laugh. It was a little tough at first as after a long-span I was joking and laughing so I felt a little odd but finally I got my ability to smile. Though I haven’t fully recovered from the traumatic days I have gone through but I am trying my best to keep the negative thoughts at bay. So guys all I want you to take from this post is learn to stay happy and most importantly if you too over-think about the negatives in your life decide to drop that habit right now and do something that brings a smile on your face.

Do just getting the person you love makes you lucky?

Hello folks…Valentines week is in full swing, couples are expressing their love to their partners and vowing to stay together forever, well that’s good but do all of them actually mean it?. The ones who are in a serious relationship are feeling happier than ever that they got to spend the valentines with the person whom they think they are deeply in love with. The only thing that confuses me here is that if their love is really true then why it fades away. Love is a timeless feeling, it doesn’t vanishes unless it is untrue. Majority couples break-up just because they think the spark in their relationship has died. Honestly that spark was created by them only at the first place and if they really wanted to stay together they could have made it again. Having the person in your life whom you loved doesn’t make you lucky. The most essential thing is to sustain your relationship and not many couples have succeeded in doing that.You can only say that luck is in your favor when you manage to overcome every obstacle that is put your way to test your commitment, also not letting your connection to bear any harm, no matter whatever are the circumstances. The people who have a true and deep relationship never just simply vow that they love each other, they know how to fulfill the promises they have made also their feelings remain unscathed even if the odds are against them. They achieve an ocean of contentment when they look into each others eyes. Their touch never looses its novelty even after years of togetherness. Their love never fades away with time and the spark between them only grows more intense by each passing moment. Now just to clear a bit, don’t think that the couples who are truly devoured in love never fight. They also fight though the only change here is that they know how to make their partner’s anger evaporate in a moment. If they suffer any setback in life all they want is the support and love of their partner to get back to normal. No matter what challenges they have to face in life they trust their commitment of staying together in every thick and thin. If things are going a bit rough in their relationship they would sit and clear everything that is troubling them, unlike some other people who just break-up by saying ‘It’s not working out’. They do everything to make things work out and if they are trying from the core of their heart things do often work out. The memories they created stay long after they are gone leaving a mark of their togetherness and the love they shared set an example that if you loved someone truly you have experienced heaven on earth.

Can Killing The Emotions Help You In Solving All Your Problems…

Hello folks…In my first blog post I would like to share something that most of us have thought of doing at least once. We all have our fair share of crushes, relationships and also break-ups. As we all know happy endings are purely fictional, In reality there most certainly comes a time when the person you loved with all your heart walks out of your life leaving you in emptiness. While recovering from your emotional turmoil one of the many thoughts that cross your mind is that the biggest reason of your suffering are your emotions. Your emotions hold the power to make you feel miserable and that’s the worst thing about them. Nobody likes to feel miserable therefore they decide to get rid of their emotions or temporarily numb them. I have seen innumerable people giving in alcohol or drugs just to avoid thinking about the unpleasant memories of their life. But does that really help, Well a big no. Honestly suppressing your emotions can create more troubles for you as they will surely surface again but with more intensity because it’s impossible to completely knock them out of your body. At first I was also headstrong on my decision to get rid of my feelings after my relationship debacle but few days back a conversation with one of my friend also a relationship adviser changed my whole perception about this thing. She told me that sadness and happiness goes hand in hand, numbing your emotions might help you in avoiding sadness but it will also takeaway your happiness. You won’t be able to feel anything and hence will turn into something else but certainly you won’t remain a complete human being anymore. So instead of treating your emotions as a curse you should try to understand them. Pour out your feelings on a piece of paper and free yourself from everything that is not making you happy. Use the pain that is caused after some unfortunate incident into something productive. Never forget a heartbreak or any person exit from your life does not mean it’s the end of the world, you will wake up with an opportunity to change your life for better. The choice is yours either you can step closer to your aspirations or you can just brood over the negatives in your life and get more and more depressed. Life has huge variety of things to explore but still majority of the people lose the will to get happy again after suffering a big blow. It’s wrong. Yes take your time to recover from your loss but don’t take forever. After a while give your life another shot, who knows this time perhaps you get the contentment you deserve.